About us

We are part of a story led by you that inspires us to design…


We are an Istanbul based fashion brand founded in 2016 by sisters Merve and Hande Aksu with the vision of creating contemporary clothing for women. Living in different countries for many years helped us appreciate other cultures and lifestyles and inspired us in art and design. 

Sankt is inspired by the principle "Form follows function" which states that the shape of an object should primarily relate to its intended function. The brand's philosophy manifests itself in modern, comfort and functional style of luxury combined with natural fabrics.

With clean silhouettes, attention to detail and importance to quality we emphasize the urban and timeless aspects of fashion. We design for confident, effortlessly chic and fashion conscious women.

As a discreet fashion brand we design to create essential pieces to your wardrobe that are easy to combine, timeless and will accompany you wherever you go. We want you to minimize the effort and time spent in styling while emphasizing the importance of quality.

We are committed to offer you the best quality that will last for years and make you proud of what you wear.