About us

SANKT is a contemporary fashion label established in Turkey in 2015 by sisters Merve and Hande with sustainability at its heart. The sisters laid out an ambitious plan to create an international womenswear brand. One that faced outward, utilising international design expertise while looking inward to have the designs realised relying on the wealth of artisans and ateliers found locally.

Sankt therefore set out to create simple, elegant, universally powerful designs with international ambitions yet with local values at it’s heart. The majority of materials are therefore sourced locally and responsibly, these are then given form and expression at local ateliers with whom the sisters enjoy a trusting and close relationship. Production and processes are always 100% transparent and carefully regulated to avoid waste and over production.

Sankt pieces are made to belong to no particular time or trend. They emit a calm, a peace, a symmetry. Distinctly classic, crisp cottons with fine considered finishes and comfortable shapes that feature artisanal details. For those who will be neither hurried nor harried, but possess poise, calm, contemplation.   

Sankt pieces become an extension of your personality... A compliment to your character, loved and lived in regardless of season. Pieces to cherish. Easy and comfortable to wear and to pair, Sankt pieces made to make a statement today as well as tomorrow.