Sankt is an environmentally conscious brand and it designs to outlast seasonal fads. As known, the fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. Some of the main factors that contribute to this industrial caused pollution are the vast overproduction of fashion items, the use of synthetic fibers and the agriculture pollution of fashion crops.

Sankt dedicates itself to conscious consumption by making long lasting, timeless pieces and hence reduce the carbon footprint to help preserving the environment.


50% of the fashion industry’s’ environmental footprint lies in the raw material stage. Manufacturing of raw materials cause deforestation, biodiversity loss, water scarcity and chemicals leaching into the soil. That is why an urgent innovation and reform is needed in raw materials and in their processing.

We need to reduce textile waste, improve resource efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and the water, chemical footprint. Sankt uses locally and sustainably sourced materials from mills that have worldwide recognised certificates which comply with standards to help reduce environmental impact such as:

  • BCI (Better Cotton Initiative): A global non-profit organisation that aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing better cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards): It is considered as one of the world’s leading processing standards for textiles made from organic fibers. It defines high level environmental criteria along the entire organic textile supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.
  • OEKO-TEX STANDARD: This standard ensures that every component of an article has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health.
  • OCS (Organic Content Standard): It verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product. It tracks the flow of a raw material from source to the final product and this process is certified by an accredited third party.


Sankt has a manufacturing approach that treats people and the planet well. Namely, we ensure a healthy and safe working environment for those who work at ateliers and see this as an inevitable part of a long-term sustainable business. We want to build a conscious and responsible business that respects and values the work of every individual. We establish close and long-lasting partnerships with local (Istanbul based) ateliers that share our values for ethical working conditions and hence ensure a transparent manufacturing process.